Choosing the right furniture company is the best way to ensure that you get the best furniture and top-quality service. As you begin to redesign your work area, consider the type of business from which you’re purchasing your furniture. Look for an office furniture company like Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, which provides the following services.

·         Custom Design

At Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we offer a custom design process to meet your workspace needs. Do you have a small home office? Our furniture design experts can help make the most of your limited space. Schedule a complimentary consultation for us to evaluate your office and help you purchase the most useful furniture. Quality office furniture suppliers create custom furniture unique to your office needs.

·         Delivery Services

After selecting your new office furniture, a quality office furniture supplier will meet your delivery needs. At Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we deliver your furniture locally and statewide. If you live in Georgia, just call us to place your order and schedule a delivery. Our furniture delivery services include installation and assembly of your new office furniture. We also deliver after 5pm and on Saturdays to work around your busy schedule.

·         Maintenance Services

A good furniture supplier’s service should not end as soon as the furniture is dropped off. Office Furniture Expo Atlanta is committed to keeping your office equipment in the best condition. We offer refurbishing and refinishing services for your desks and other office furniture. Even if you bought your office equipment from another company, you can still use our repair services.

If you live in the Atlanta area, then take advantage of the quality services offered by Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. We have been providing Atlanta homes and businesses with high-quality office furniture for over 30 years. Schedule a free custom furniture consultation by calling (770) 455-0440 today.

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