If you’re like many employees or workplace bosses here in Atlanta, then maintaining a healthy lifestyle between the hours of nine and five can be a challenge. From sitting at your office desk for long periods of time to eating microwavable meals for lunch, there are plenty of everyday habits and activities that make it harder to stay conscious of your body’s wellbeing. Here is a look at what you can do to promote healthy habits in the workplace:

Address Emotional and Mental Health

When most people hear someone discussing “healthy habits”, they immediately think of methods for promoting better physical health. However, mental and emotional health is just as important to an employees wellbeing. As a boss or human resources coordinator in the office, encourage employees to reduce stress by taking breaks during the day or by developing an employee assistance program for those who may need professional assistance but cannot afford it.

Improve Diet and Exercise Habits

If you’re in a position to make a positive change in the office place, then begin by replacing sodas and high-calorie snacks in vending machines with healthy alternatives like juice, sparkling water, and dried fruit. You can also help employees improve their fitness by providing secure bike parking for cyclists, creating a walking club that meets before work, or installing a gym in the building using excess funds.

Invest in On-Site Care

Bosses can also keep employees healthy by bringing in nurses or doctors to provide on-site vaccinations for the seasonal flu or compensating employees for inoculation done outside of the workplace. Ensuring employee wellness is just as integral to the practicality of the workplace environment as purchasing office furniture or installing advanced IT office equipment.

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