Conference rooms can be a challenge to design because they require a careful balance of comfort and function. Meetings held in these spaces can be long, so the office seating must be comfortable, but it can’t be so inviting and comfortable that people feel sleepy. When you’re choosing office furniture for a conference room, keep these tips in mind.

Start by considering how the room will be used. If you envision smaller board meetings, then the seating could be similar to standard task chairs arranged around a long conference table. If you have a large room and expect to host large groups, modular tables and armless, stackable or nesting chairs are easy to arrange and to store in different configurations. For each scenario, choose office seating with good lumbar support to ensure pain and fatigue won’t distract your attendees’ attention from the meeting.

The office design professionals at Office Furniture Expo will help you select office seating in Atlanta that strikes the right tone for your conference room. Start exploring your options today by calling (770) 455-0440.

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