From storage units toSit to Stand desks, the type of furniture you have in your office can have a major impact on how productive your employees are. In fact, replacing much of your office furniture or just a few key pieces can have a transformative effect in your workplace. Here are some of the ways a new décor influences an office’s productivity.

  • New or gently used furniture has a positive effect on morale. No one wants to have to work in a workspace with old, outdated or even damaged furniture. Replacing all the furniture or just a couple items in your office with bright, attractive desks, tables and chairs can help make your office feel new again, and it can significantly improve the atmosphere in your workplace.
  • Ergonomic furniture increases productivity. Having the right chairs and desks (Sit to Stand desks) for your employees will help them stay on task—but having the wrong furniture may lead to listlessness, fatigue and poor work. Ergonomic furniture will not only help your employees stay alert while working but can also reduce the chance of carpal tunnel syndrome, back and neck pain, and other common hazards of office work.
  • Better organization equals faster work. If your office is disorganized and filled with clutter, it’s going to subtly encourage inefficient work—both because it won’t inspire your employees to stay organized and because it will make it harder for them to find the papers, tools and other resources they need to work. By adding storage units, filing cabinets, bookcases, tables, or other furniture, you can help to keep your workplace organized and running efficiently.

When you’re ready to furnish or refurbish your office, your first stop should be Office Furniture Expo. We provide desks, chairs, tables, and a wide array of other furniture at our Showroom in Atlanta. When you’re looking for quality office furniture from some of the best manufacturers around, you can count on us to have the selection you need from new to gently used furnishings. To find out more about our furniture, call (770) 455-0440.

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