Ordering custom office furniture gives you the opportunity to add some of your business’ personality to your workplace. Office Furniture Expo Atlanta offers custom design services that give you control over the kind of furniture you use for your business. When you work with us, you get:

Experienced Design Experts

Our staff is specially trained in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) so they can create line drawings and three-dimensional models of your office space to help you visualize the design. This gives you a more practical way to imagine the kind of office furniture and accessories that you want to incorporate into your workplace. Our custom design experts are here to help you find décor that truly works with your space.

A Great Selection of Fabrics and Finishes

We give you the selection you want so you can choose fabrics and finishes that really help your space come to life. With fabrics from companies like Momentum, Maharam, and Wilson Art Laminates, you will get the colors, textures, and patterns needed to meet your decorating needs.

A Look Based on Your Corporate Image

We understand that it is important for your business to display a certain kind of image that is consistent with your corporate branding. Our sales consultants and designers are here to help you with every aspect of the process from planning and budgeting to finding the furniture and accessories you want to maintain your image. When you are ready to make a change to your office design, we are here to help.

Since 1981, Office Furniture Expo Atlanta has done everything we can to help local businesses find the right decorative elements to enhance any office. From desks to custom design services, we give you what you need to create your dream workspace. To learn more about our wide range of quality products or our design services, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440. 

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