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At Office Furniture Expo, we provide professional office renovation assistance to business owners throughout Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas. There’s planning for an office renovation, and there’s planning for a successful office renovation. The professional team at Office Furniture Expo is here to ensure your office renovation is nothing less than a significant success. From start to finish, we can assist you with the design and budget, planning, and timeline. It’s important to never underestimate the amount of time it will take to complete your officer renovation. To get the most out of your time and money, you should plan your renovation accordingly—and our professional team can help. Typically, we advise our customers to allow around four months for a basic office renovation.

The Importance of Early Planning

When it comes to a complete office renovation, the importance of early planning cannot be stressed enough. Timeframes for office renovations can vary depending on several factors, including company structure and team. At a minimum, we recommend our customers set aside four months for renovations. And, before ever starting on your project, we recommend taking six to eight months for planning. This is to ensure that your ideas are fleshed out and that you have an expert team assembled. Early planning can help mitigate risk, eliminate downtime, prevent disruption, encourage employee motivation, and more. Early planning will also help you get into your renovated space more quickly.

What Should My Renovation Plan Include?

In order to implement early planning for your office renovation, you must first need a detailed plan. There are several aspects that this plan should include to be successful. These aspects include answers to the following questions:

  • What is the need for an office redesign?
  • How is the renovation necessary for the office to achieve its goals?
  • What issues may affect the construction schedule?
  • Will the renovation require a temporary relocation?
  • Can an efficient workforce be maintained during this time?
  • How much money is the company willing to invest in this project?
  • Are enough funds allocated for possible unexpected changes?

What to Consider Before Your Renovation

There’s a lot that goes into an office renovation, especially if your office space is sizable. From shipping times to budgeting, we can help. Some things to consider before your office renovation include:

  • Manufacturing & Shipping Times – It’s important to know if the “in-stock” items you need are back-ordered or not. If they are, you’ll need to allow time for the products to be available.
  • The Build-Out Scope – In addition to your office furniture, there are various components that must be considered for an office renovation. These include the flooring, walls, electrical work, the timeframe for these tasks to be completed, and more.
  • Custom Orders – If you’re planning on making any custom orders, you need to ensure you set aside time to consider what your office furniture needs are.
  • Budgeting – Setting a realistic budget before diving into the project will help you get a good grasp on how much certain things are going to cost. It will also help you save in the long run.

Contact Us Today for Professional Help with Planning

Planning an office renovation isn’t always easy—but with the help of Office Furniture Expo? It can be. The design team you work with can make or break your office renovation, which is why choosing the right design team to work with is imperative to your project. At Office Furniture Expo, we take immense pride in our design team. They are highly trained and skilled designers who will work diligently to complement your values, embody your goals, and identify with your office renovation plans. To learn more or to schedule a consultation with our team, contact us today.

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