Cubical and File cabinets for your office

Choosing the Perfect Size Cubicle for Your Office Space

We’re all back in the office and whether you are planning a new office or redesigning your old office, you will want to keep a few issues in mind. One of these issues is organizing your cubicles. If you want your office to function at maximum productivity, you must create a space that’s organized for all who work there. This means choosing the right cubicles for your employees. You could have all the finest furniture in the office, but if the cubicles are not chosen carefully, it could conflict with the most important feature of your office, getting the work done.

Cubical and File cabinets for your office

Cubicle planning can be a challenge. You’ll need to consider many factors. How much or little privacy is needed in these areas? What will these cubicles be used for? Will there be meetings within the cubicles, or are they strictly for one person at a time?

Other factors to consider include shape, size, style, color, and timeline constraints. So let’s delve into how to choose a cubicle that is perfect for your office, and make this process a breeze.

What to Look for When Choosing a Cubicle


Choosing the size of a cubicle can be a daunting task. Here are some sizes and types of cubicles that may work for your space.

  • 5×5 cubicle
    This size cubicle will be ideal for an open floor plan and create a feeling of community within the office.
  • 6×6 cubicle
    This size cubicle is ideal for a small team to meet or for an individual to spread out and work on multiple projects at once.
  • 7×7 cubicle
    This size cubicle will give employees an opportunity to spread out.
  • 8×8 cubicle
    If you’re working with lots of space, lots of equipment, and many different types of tasks, the 8×8 cubicle is for you. This is for an office that has many various tasks and can accommodate all types of equipment. It provides the most storage and is ideal for many types of meetings and jobs.


Types of Cubicles
Here are some regulation types of cubicles. Other cubicles are also available and can be custom-made. The following are some of the standard models.

  • Standard Cubicle
    A standard cubicle will meet basic needs, but doesn’t have any extra bells and whistles when it comes to storage or shared spaces.
  • Administrative Cubicle
    This type of cubicle will accommodate employees who need a bit more privacy and/or storage space. There is enough space for a meeting with one to two other people.
  • Executive Workstation Cubicle
    Small meetings can be held in this type of cubicle. There is also plenty of room for office supplies as well as additional storage for other items.
  • Call Center Cubicle
    These cubicles are very simple and perfect for someone whose job consists mostly of making phone calls.
  • L-Shaped Management Workstation Cubicle
    Well-suited to someone in a management position, these cubicles have quite a lot of space, as well as privacy. They are superior to other types of cubicles because they allow employees to spread out and work on tasks that require a bit more space. There is also enough space to hold and conduct meetings.
  • U-Shaped Management Workstation Cubicle
    This type of cubicle is wonderful for those who need to have a bit more privacy, conduct meetings, and work on multiple surfaces.
  • Curved Cubicle

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Style and Color

It’s important to select a color and style that are complementary to the interior design aesthetic of the office. This will create a comfortable workplace that is soothing, stimulating, and comfortable.


Don’t forget to choose the height that best suits your needs. If you have an open office that is free-flowing with ideas and communication, then a shorter height is for you. If you are an office that needs more privacy and conducts many private meetings, then you’ll probably want to have taller cubicles. Some cubicles go all the way up to 7 feet tall. Cubicles begin as low as 3 feet tall. It just depends on the culture of your office.


When choosing the perfect cubicle size for your office space, it’s best to analyze the culture and the nature of your office and determine what the best size will be for your employees. From short to tall, you can choose height based on collaborative style. From large to small, you can choose the size based on what types of activities you conduct in your office space. Determining the style of your cubicle is also one of the most important tasks ahead of you as you choose the size cubicle you will need. Cultivating a look that is unique to your space is of utmost importance as you choose the style cubicle you will need.

Overall, you will want to encourage your employees to be able to work as efficiently as possible and with the style of communication that best suits your line of work. Choose the size, style, shape, and color that best meets these qualifications and you will be enjoying the work place of your dreams as your employees function in style with ease and comfort.

When you determine what size office cubicle you will want to choose, you realize that Office Furniture Expo is set apart from the competition. We have what meets the needs of our customers, down to the most specific details. We pay special attention to our customers’ needs and preferences and we can help you choose the size cubicle that will maximize your production potential. We help style and cultivate the most streamlined, elegant offices in the Atlanta area and can do the same with your office. Winner of the 2023 Consumer Choice Award in Atlanta, Office Furniture Expo has everything you need to create the ultimate work environment. We are centrally located in Doraville and are happy to help with office design needs. For more information, visit our website, or call us at (470) 207-1258.

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