Forming a Remote Team for Your New Business?

Forming a Remote Team for Your New Business?

Forming a Remote Team for Your New Business?
Use These Pro Tips for Success


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One of the biggest milestones a business owner can reach is having the need for staff. Maintaining a high enough level of demand to require a team is an achievement that many entrepreneurs never reach. Nowadays, the most popular way to hire people to support your business’s needs is through the formation of a remote team. If you are considering hiring your own remote team of independent contractors, explore the following recommendations.

Find highly-recommended independent contractors for every need.

The number of self-employed freelancers and independent contractors is astonishing. According to the latest data from, there are now 57 million people freelancing in the United States alone. However, as you might imagine, not all freelancers and independent contractors produce the same level of quality.

Whether you are looking to hire a virtual assistant, a designer, an IT professional, or all of the above, be sure to hire highly-recommended individuals for your team. Rather than browsing online marketplaces, ask for recommendations from fellow entrepreneurs and colleagues. Having someone personally endorse an independent contractor speaks volumes of their work. You can also attend networking group meetings to connect with local freelancers/contractors who you can interview one-on-one. When you hire people with a proven record of excellence, you’ll be more likely to retain them for the long-term.

Choose a team/project management software that you like. 

Managing a remote team — and the projects that everyone is working on — can quickly get complicated. Sending emails back and forth is a recipe for confusion and is no longer an acceptable way to do business. Instead, you’ll need a quality software program that can help you and your team manage communication, files, account logins, and important updates.

Currently, many remote teams are using platforms such as Trello, Basecamp, and In addition to these highly-rated platforms, some remote teams have the need for a separate app or software for day-to-day communications. Slack and Voxer are two highly-rated platforms that allow for both group and individual chats and provide a number of other valuable features.

Create and distribute important policies and procedures.

Before hiring your remote team, it is absolutely critical to create a handbook of important policies and procedures. With individuals living across time zones, having different life demands, and so on, setting expectations for deadlines, time off, conduct, and work quality is essential. Rather than having multiple documents with various rules and procedures about different topics, strive to condense everything into one document. This will be helpful to your team as they learn what is expected when working for your business.

Take steps to protect your business.

Any time you hire anyone — whether as an employee or a contractor — you must take steps to protect your business. In the age of COVID, you’ll want to make sure that your team’s workspace is safe for in-person meetings or gatherings, for instance.

More importantly, you should become well-versed in what contracts, business structures, and tax documents are suited for your type of organization. For example, if you're hiring a remote team, the benefits of forming an LLC (e.g. less paperwork, limited liability, tax advantages, greater flexibility) can be well worth the work. If you decide that forming an LLC is a wise choice for your business, you can avoid hefty lawyer fees by filing yourself — or by using a formation service. Before moving ahead, visit to check the regulations around forming an LLC in Georgia.

Building and managing a remote team of quality workers doesn’t have to be complicated. With the tools and resources that are now available, you can quickly and effortlessly assemble a team that will help you achieve all the goals you’ve set for your business.

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