Sitting at a desk for many hours can take a toll on your physical health. Back pain is common among people who spend the majority of their time hunched over a computer, and among those who must lift heavy objects instead of sitting in office furniture. Watch this video to learn how to deal with back pain at work.

It is important to maintain good posture and a neutral spine position throughout your day, especially when you’re spending a good deal of time sitting down. Use a workstation that fits your body type and work environment and be sure to take breaks to get up and walk around frequently. You should also stretch throughout the day to relieve the pressure put on your back during extended periods of sitting.

If you or your employees are experiencing back pain at work, it’s time to consider investing in new, properly sized or ergonomically shaped office furniture. Call Office Furniture Expo Atlanta at (678) 894-1869 to discuss what your office needs to be ergonomically sound today and in the future.

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