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It’s no secret that working part-time or full-time jobs usually come with stress. Office-related stress can manifest in various ways. This can include headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, difficulty sleeping or concentrating, or irritability with coworkers. Being in a constant fight-or-flight mode at work can take a gradual toll on a person mentally and physically, which isn’t good for the involved individual or business.

No matter your industry or the size of your operation, work stress often rears its ugly head in the workplace, affecting your employees’ health, morale, and productivity. As a savvy business owner or manager, you’re probably constantly looking for ways to reduce office stress and create a welcoming atmosphere for your employees. As one of Atlanta’s premier office furniture companies, Office Furniture Expo offers helpful tips for businesses to reduce stress levels in the workplace. We’re here for you!

Put Together a Work Wellness Program with Clear Objectives

Every business should have a workplace wellness program to ensure employee health needs are met. For many companies, a workplace wellness program is tied directly to their benefits package. From offering third-party counseling sessions to deal with stressful topics to encouraging employees to manage their stress more efficiently with exercise and time off, you have many options. Wellness programs can help employees identify and manage symptoms of burnout, fatigue, stress, anxiety, or depression. Ignoring such workplace issues may result in employees seeking new employment. Having a healthy workplace culture with clear-cut mental health objectives is essential to retaining happy, productive employees. It may be time to transform your workplace with a new office design with space for de-stressing.

Consider an Office Redesign with Space for De-Stressing

Workplaces need designated areas for employees to unwind and de-stress. This could be as simple as an employee breakroom with basic tables and chairs where people can eat lunch and make personal calls. However, many businesses are now investing in more elaborate de-stressing zones with books to read or stress-relieving games for people to play during their breaks. Adding low-key lighting, soothing plants, and relaxing music can also go a long way in reducing stress levels in your workplace. This “Zen-like” approach has helped many modern companies reduce employee burnout and absenteeism caused by stress-related illnesses. Reducing office stress often starts by improving the physical environment.

Improve the Physical Environment with Comfortable Furniture

When employees feel calm and comfortable in their workspace, it encourages them to do their best. Ensuring your office is at the right temperature year-round is the first step to improving the physical environment. People aren’t as productive when they’re too hot or too cold. Neglecting to regulate the office temperature may even result in employee illness. Ergonomic office furniture and better desk organization are also easy ways to improve the physical environment for your employees. Adjustable keyboard trays help employees feel more comfortable when working at fixed-height desks.

Office Furniture Expo carries a wide selection of new and used office furnishings to help improve your workspace. From workstations and benches to Sit-to-Stand desks, we can equip your business with the perfect pieces to reduce office stress and boost productivity. Executives also require comfortable surroundings to conduct board meetings and make influential company decisions. We carry calming conference tables and executive office chairs in various materials, colors, and styles to satisfy you.

Declutter Your Workspace: Invest in Filing & Storage Options

Improving the physical environment is sometimes as simple as decluttering the workspace. Having too many files and office supplies on desktops can cause unnecessary stress on employees. Investing in adequate filing and storage options for work-related materials and employees’ personal belongings is in your best interest. Choose from stylish wooden credenzas or sleek metal storage towers – we’d be happy to recommend something to accommodate your workplace culture and budget.

Consider an open modular workspace that feels more welcoming and encourages collaboration within various departments. Don’t be afraid to ask your employees for suggestions for making your workspace feel less stressful and more inviting. A shared employee experience when redesigning the office brings people together and helps combat feelings of isolation and burnout.

Enjoy the Sound of Silence with Quiet Workspace Zones

Depending on the size of your office and the number of employees, it may get noisy from time to time. Too much disruption in the workspace can cause people to feel overwhelmed or overstimulated, which can affect their comfort and productivity. Consider designating quiet workspace zones that are removed from the main office buzz. These could be unused conference rooms, private workstations, or more relaxed employee lounges with comfy seating.

Encourage employees to take occasional breaks in these quiet zones. Getting up and stretching or taking a walk can help reduce the symptoms associated with office stress, including chronic inflammation. Sit-to-Stand desks and exercise balls at workstations may also be an option to get employees to stand and stretch throughout long workdays. Also, encourage open dialogue – talk to employees about their needs to ensure you’re investing your time and effort in the most beneficial areas.

Utilize Natural Lighting & Soothing Paint Colors in Your Space

Scientific studies show a correlation between mood, behavior, and color. Painting your office in a bold color scheme may increase office stress while calming colors can achieve the opposite effect. However, don’t just paint all the walls white, as this can create an anxiety-inducing clinical feel. Neutral colors or calming shades of blue and green are your best bet to promote wellness and comfort. Likewise, it would help if you considered utilizing more natural lighting versus the standard office fluorescent lighting. Too much fluorescent lighting can induce headaches and eye strain for many. Set up workstations near windows (if possible), and keep the blinds open to let in the mood-boosting natural lighting.

Accessories Add Color to Create a Welcoming Environment

Adding plants around the office has been known to create a more inviting, peaceful atmosphere. Plants help filter the air and add splashes of color for a more pleasant work environment. Likewise, you can incorporate eye-pleasing accessories around the office to improve employee morale. From clocks to mirrors, paintings, and miscellaneous décor, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to accessories. Our knowledgeable staff would be happy to point you in the right direction with one-of-a-kind décor.

Are you wondering how your new office furniture will transform your workspace? At Office Furniture Expo, our sales consultants are trained to provide custom design services using specialized software. It’s never been easier to visualize exactly how your new office furniture will look, so visit our Doraville Showroom!

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Your Office Design Needs

If you’re ready for a new office design to reduce office stress, Office Furniture Expo is here for you. We’re based in the Metro Atlanta area but provide statewide delivery and national shipping services. Rely on our experienced team to help you find innovative ways to reduce stress levels and create a more productive workspace. Contact us today with any inquiries about our competitive office furniture pricing or to schedule a consultation to discuss your office design needs. We look forward to working with you!

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