At Office Furniture Expo, we understand that not all office furniture is the same, especially when it comes to choosing a desk for your office. Unlike conference tables, which are designed to accommodate a group of people, a desk is a very personal space. If you are able to pick out your own desk, take some time to think about what you need as well as what you like. With our tips, we can help you find the best desk to personalize your office.

Office desk appearance and style

Finding a desk that suits your sense of style will personalize your office. Whether you are self-employed, work in a cubicle, or have your own office in a corporate building, you’ll want to find a desk that meets your preferences. Some people prefer a more traditional look, while others like sleek, modern pieces. Taking the time to decide what you want before you shop around can help you eliminate desk styles you aren’t excited about and steer you toward those that match your taste.

Here are a few other factors to keep in mind when starting your search:


Have a color palate in mind before you set out to buy your desk. Do you want to stick with a monochromatic scheme? Do you love the warm look of natural wood, or does a colored laminate tabletop draw your eye?

Look at your desk as you would any other piece of furniture, and select a color or stain that fits in with the surroundings. When it comes to home office furniture, this may be a factor that is especially important.


Each person prefers a different tabletop material, and what you do for work can have an impact on your choice as well. Some desks require more care and upkeep than others, so be sure to take that into account when you are browsing.


When selecting a desk for your office, it’s smart to think about what other items you may bring into the space down the line. While all of your furniture doesn’t need to look exactly alike, considering what kind of office chair, cabinetry, or other pieces you will be adding can help you select a desk that fits the overall style perfectly.

Desk factors to consider

Once you’ve narrowed your desk choices down based on the basic features you’d like, it’s time for a few practical considerations. Some of the factors you should be on the lookout for include:


Purchasing an office desk is an investment. You’ll want to get something that holds up over time. This can be especially important if you keep a lot of things on (or in) the desk.


As with all large furniture pieces, measuring the desk is important before you place it in your office. After all, no matter how great the desk looks, it still has to fit in the room. That said, a large desk offers more workspace, which is also something you may want to consider.

View from all sides

This factor depends on where your desk will sit in the room. If it is going to go up against a wall, how it looks on all sides won’t make too much of a difference. If, however, the desk is going to be situated where people can approach it from the front or sides, you may want to think about how these areas look prior to purchase.

Office desk costs

Office desks come with a wide range of different price tags, but you don’t have to break the bank to get a decent one. Here are a few options to think about if you don’t have the budget for a brand-new hardwood desk but still want something that looks great:

Wood veneer

If you like the look of real wood but it’s beyond your price point, you can still get a rich-looking desk if you select a wood veneer. Veneers are simply slices of hardwood that are glued onto another material for the look of a solid hardwood desk.


Laminate materials are sturdy and hold up to moisture and wear and tear very well. Although most laminate desks are not made of hardwood, they tend to be a little less expensive and still make a great choice for office furniture.

Pre-owned furniture

If you have your heart set on a hardwood piece but are finding them just too pricey, you may want to look at picking up a pre-owned desk for your office.

At Office Furniture Expo in Atlanta, we have a 100,000-square-foot-showroom that has a rotating selection of great pre-owned desks and other furniture pieces. Come in and take a look around! We’ll be happy to help you find something that both fits your budget and looks beautiful.

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