Your work space should be designed with function in mind. The right office furniture can make your work day more productive. For example, you’re wasting time if you frequently cross the hall to retrieve paperwork because your desk isn’t big enough to keep everything you need.

To determine the right size office desk for you, gather together all of the items you want to place on your desk, from your computer to your knickknacks. Arrange them on a large table, and then sit at the table and pretend to work. Notice whether there is sufficient elbow room and whether the items are crowded. When your office items are arranged the right way, measure the dimensions of your work space. The work surface of your office desk should offer at least that much space. Additionally, when shopping for your office desk, make sure there is enough clearance space for your legs. Most desks offer about 29 to 30 inches of clearance space.

Choose from a wide selection of traditional or contemporary office desks available at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. Residents of the Atlanta area are encouraged to call us at (770) 455-0440 or visit our website for more information.

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